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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Welcome to the website of CAC Bank, which provides you with featured services and offers that are subjected to the terms and conditions of use and the user should agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of the use of every service separately. CAC Bank has the right to change the information and / or offers contained in the pages of this site at any time and without prior notice.

The Bank with regard to information security, dedicates to take appropriate actions and measures to protect the customer's personal information, according to security standards, confidentiality, legislations and regulations, as well as the training of bank staff on how to deal with customer information and respect confidentiality to ensuring protection from loss or misuse, or any modification of the data, information or disclosure. The Bank is also dedicated to take stringent measures to protect the security of information and technology to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to systems as well as the Bank regularly and periodically updates the protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the banking standards. It is forbidden to share any confidential information via the telephone or internet and in case you obtained a customer's password, you are entitled to notify the bank directly.

Who we share information with

CAC Bank may share your information according to the relative laws and regulations with the following entities (regulators - auditors) and the bank's employees must respect the confidentiality requirements.

Copyright and Trademark Information

The trademarks, trade names and service marks of CAC Bank, used in this website or any other sites, are the property of CAC Bank and no person shall be authorized to use any mark in any way without the prior written permission from the owner of the mark. Also, the material presented on CAC Bank's website may not be transferred, published, copied, modified, displayed or used without a prior explicit permission from CAC Bank.

Third Parties

CAC Bank may provide links on its website, to other suppliers and / or third parties. These links are provided to give you the opportunity to benefit from the benefits of their products or services. CAC Bank is not responsible by any means for how third parties collect or use personally identifiable information about you. We recommend that you review the privacy policies of each linked site you visit separately.

Implicit Consent

Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to abide by its terms and conditions and privacy policy. The Bank has the right to change these terms and conditions and privacy policy in accordance with our new technologies and practices, as well as to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. This site is intended for information purposes only.

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