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Current Account - Corporate


Throughout the corporate current account provided by CAC Bank, customer can manage his financial assets effectively and efficiently. By joining us through opening your company’s current account, you will be able to access a wide range of sophisticated and comprehensive banking products and services that will give you and your company the capability to withdraw, deposit and do all your business transactions at any time and from anywhere.

Service Features:

  • The possibility to use the account through any of our branches or offices located all-around Yemen.
  • The possibility of obtaining an ATM card which enables you to withdraw at any time from any ATM or point of sale using the bank's network distributed throughout the governorates of Yemen.
  • The possibility to carry out all banking and financial services such as opening letters of credit, foreign transfers and international guarantees by your subscription to E-Banking service presented by the bank.
  • The possibility of executing banking operations from anywhere and at any time.
  • High confidentiality and a global system for data encryption.
  • You can review the movements of your accounts on the bank's website and print your account statement at any time by using the CAC Online service presented by the bank.
  • You can get many other different services that save your time and efforts.

Terms and Documents required to obtain the service:

For Sole Proprietorship institutions:

  • A copy of the valid Commercial Registration.
  • Providing the original personal ID (valid electronic card) of the owner.
  • For foreign residents, they have to provide a passport copy, and a copy of the residence card and the need of a letter from the employer.

For Corporates:

  • A copy of incorporation contract of the company attested by the related authorities.
  • A copy of the establishment resolution.
  • A copy of memorandum and articles of association attested by the related authorities.
  • A request to open the accounts approved by the Board of Directors along with determinations of the authorized signatures to manage the account.
  • The original personal ID (valid electronic card) shall be provided of the owners and the authorized signatures.
  • Filling in the application forms of opening the account required by the bank.
  • Minimum account opening balance is YR 300,000 or the equivalent in other currencies.
  • The current account can be opened in the local currency or any of the approved foreign currencies.


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