E-banking is a service targeting VIP customers, corporates, large scale companies, and international organizations in Yemen.

Through this web-based platform, you can process many of your banking transactionsquickly, and easilywithout having to visit the bank, such as:

  • Letters of Credit.
  • Foreign Transfers.
  • International Letters of Guarantee.
  • Local Guarantees.
  • Transfers from Account to Account.
  • Bill Payments.
  • Account Statements Service.
  • Exchange Rates Service.

Service Features:

  • Clients can enjoy executing all their banking transactions including services related to LCs, LGs and transfers.
  • Its free of charge and adequately protected against any computer viruses or other malicious software.
  • You can execute banking operations from anywhere, and at any time.
  • The service has a high confidentiality and a comprehensive data encryption.

Terms & Documents required to obtain the service:

  • The customer should maintain an account with the bank to acquire the service.
  • Providing personal identifications (valid ID card or passport).
  • Filling in the application form by visiting the nearest branch or office of CAC Bank.
  • The customer has a good volume of business, in executing banking operations through CAC Bank.
  • For transactions that need credit approvals, the customer must have a valid credit limit from the bank.


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