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Direct Credit Facilities


As part of CAC Bank’s efforts to improve the level of delivered services, we have dedicated our spirits to provide a range of indirect innovative facilities (products) to companies who have contributed to the promotion of various businesses in order to facilitate the implementation of their contracts and supporting the import and export operations. This comes in accordance of the Bank's support for small and medium enterprises to support the economy in Yemen by means of high quality and efficiency.

Types of Direct Facilities:

  • Several types of commercial financings.
  • Current accounts.
  • Overdraft withdrawal.
  • Loan service secured by fulfilled works.
  • Loan service secured by importing contracts.
  • Credit Cards Service.

Service Features:

  • Pay your direct obligations easily and effortlessly through our products od "Direct Facilities" offered by CAC bank.
  • Appropriate and low interest rates along with simplified securities.
  • The possibility of implementing many of your banking transactions through the E-Banking and without the need to visit your actual branch.
  • Trade consultations are free and by specialized and efficient experts.
  • You can also obtain a range of distinctive electronic banking services to save your time and efforts.
  • The possibility of acquiring all these services from any of our branches or offices located around Yemen.

Terms and Documents required to obtain the service:

  • The institution/company must have an active account with the bank.
  • The authorized signatory must submit an official signed request specifying the type of service required.
  • The request studied by a specialized committee and customer notified whether request approved or rejected.


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